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Free from review - Tesco's "free FROM" deep filled mince pies (gluten free/wheat free/milk free)

Note: Skip to the bottom to see the review /pictures and skip the introduction.

Disclaimer: No payments from any person or company have been received regarding this post. I am not making a recommendation for this product above other products and am simply reviewing the product from a free-from lifestyle perspective. I am not encouraging you to buy this product.

Product reviewed: Tesco's "free FROM" deep filled mince pies.

Finding gluten and wheat-free products is getting easier but it can still be tricky. Add other dietary needs like vegan or cow's milk or dairy-free and your options aren't exactly abundant. Reviewing products helps others make hopefully easier choices rather than trawling shops and checking potentially dozens of food labels; having a list of brands and products that have already been checked. It's always recommended if you have an allergy or intolerance to check a food label before consuming in case the manufacturers have altered the ingredients or production method - I tell clients it's better to be safe than the alternative.

Tesco have many "free FROM" products and I recommend them and some other brands for clients who need "free from" products. Many of their products are wheat and gluten free, some are also milk or egg free. If the product has a health or nutrition claim e.g. "gluten free" or "vegan" then there is usually a small symbol or wording somewhere on the front of the packaging (see pictures below), which the Tesco "free FROM" items tend to have. Some products may be 'free from' certain allergens or animal products but not have a symbol displayed, but reading the ingredients and taking note of any bold ingredients or "may contain" warnings should clarify if a product is suitable for your dietary needs. As mentioned above, reading labels before buying/consuming is recommended in case of non-publicised ingredient or production changes.

These are unfortunately not vegan as they contain egg, but are gluten, wheat and milk free making these perfect for my family's' dietary needs. Some may think it's too early in the year to be eating mince pies but I think it's acceptable to eat any food at any time of the year, why deny yourself?

Product pictures

I've posted photos of the front of the packaging, the nutritional table, the ingredients, the traffic light food label and of the actual product un-boxed.

The texture and taste review


The Tesco's "free FROM" deep filled mince pies are a little crumbly, but better than many gluten free baked foods. They're not so crumbly and are able to be eaten with your hands easily. The filling is soft and chunky, there's also lots of it so these are very satisfying to eat.


They taste like a 'normal' mince pie and have that 'Christmas' taste of all spice, but not overwhelmingly. The pastry tastes buttery and slightly sweet, the filling is very sweet but not overly - one is enough and quite filling but you may feel differently!

Overall opinion

I'm a fan and would definitely buy them again. They're a baked good and sweet treat so aren't a healthy snack or dessert by any means, having high saturated fat and sugar (21g per pie or 4 tsp of sugar!). They also have 43.6g of total carbohydrate in one pie, for those with diabetes ~30-50g of carbohydrate per meal is a good aim. As a festive (or anytime!) treat these are a delicious free from food and undoubtedly we'll be buying more before the end of the year.