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Free from review - ALDI's Roast beef flavour veggie puffs (gf/vegan)

Note: Skip to the bottom to see the review and pictures and skip the introduction.

Disclaimer: No payments from any person or company have been received regarding this post. I am not making a recommendation for this product above other products and am simply reviewing the product from a free from lifestyle perspective. I am not encouraging you to buy this product.

Product reviewed: ALDI's The Foodie Market "Roast beef flavour veggie puffs"

Finding gluten and wheat-free snacks and products is getting easier but it can still be tricky. Add other dietary needs like vegan or cow's milk or dairy-free and your options aren't exactly abundant. Reviewing products helps others make hopefully easier choices rather than trawling shops and checking potentially dozens of food labels; having a list of brands and products that have already been checked. It's always recommended if you have an allergy or intolerance to check a food label before consuming in case the manufacturers have altered the ingredients or production method - I tell clients it's better to be safe than the alternative..

ALDI have their own brand of products called "The foodie market" and they have a variety of different foods and some delicious options. Some of the foodie market products are free from certain allergens and it's not always obvious that they are. The foodie market seems to be mostly snacks that are by ALDI's tills (at my local stores) and I can't help but have a look through what they have and try different options, it's for myself and others so that makes it OK, right? If the product has a health or nutrition claim e.g. "gluten free" or "vegan" then there is usually a small symbol somewhere on the front of the packet (see pictures below), which the foodie market items tend to have. Some products may be 'free from' certain allergens or animal products but not have a symbol displayed, but reading the ingredients and taking note of any bold ingredients should clarify if a product is suitable for your dietary needs.

Product pictures

I've posted photos of the front of the packaging, the nutritional table, the ingredients and 3 of the puffs. I want to clarify that I don't eat my crisps from a plate! I wanted to show the actual product clearly as packaging and product can be wildly different sometimes, I think that the picture on their packaging is very realistic and not misleading at all.

The texture and taste review


The ALDI roast beef flavour vegetable puffs are similar in texture to other 'puff' type crisps like Wotsits or Hippeas and have a good crunch then dissolve quite quickly, with a slightly bitty texture once dissolved.


They don't really taste like roast beef, but I suppose Walker's "roast chicken" crisps don't taste like how they're advertised either. They have a vaguely meaty taste and after-taste, maybe slightly smokey too. If you're trying to cut down on meat or are vegan but miss the taste of meat then I'd recommend these crisps to fill the gap, although it's a long way from eating actual meat.

Overall opinion

I'm a fan and would buy them if I'm craving crisps at the ALDI till again. As crisps go, they're healthier than standard fried or even some baked crisps as they're "baked not fried" and only 87 calories (kcals) per bag. While they meet the traffic light nutrition labelling as "high salt" they're only 6% of your total salt with 0.34g per bag, so unless you need a no-added salt diet (certain renal/kidney or hepatic/liver disease, chronic or severe hypertension/high blood pressure) then I think these are a good crisp option.