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Recipe Re-write: Gluten and dairy free fluffy pancakes

Note: Skip to the bottom of the page to ignore the introduction to the recipe.

In our house I am wheat-free and my partner has cow's milk allergy -we're a delight at dinner parties but at home we're adept at adjusting recipes to suit our dietary needs. I found the original Gluten free fluffy pancakes recipe by Laura Fuentes on her website and immediately made some simple swaps to make it dairy free, which worked out amazing; "They're the best pancakes I've ever had" from my partner made me say I'll never make gluten and dairy free pancakes another way again.

Thank you to Laura Fuentes for giving permission for me to re-write her recipe and include her in this post.

Gluten and dairy free fluffy pancakes

Why are they so good?

The original recipe by Laura Fuentes describes them as the "fluffiest pancakes" and they are definitely the super-fluffy american style pancakes vs scotch pancakes or crepes. They were fluffy, delicious and were the perfect pancake.

What did I "re-write" in this recipe?

The original recipe uses "gluten-free all-purpose flour", "milk", "sugar" and "optional" melted butter - I presume these are non-self raising gluten free flour, normal cow's milk, white sugar and standard butter but I could be wrong. I used self-raising gluten free flour (extra lift/fluffiness), soya milk (dairy free), brown sugar (slightly deeper flavour). I also left out the butter completely to make them marginally healthier (dietitian habits die hard). What can I say, these swaps works seamlessly.

Laura Fuentes has the most gorgeous photos of the pancakes and also has a video guide on her recipe page- I've used slightly different ingredients and method so for my recipe I've been specific in my ingredients, equipment and actual method.

Next to try...?

In future re-writes/attempts I think it'd be good to try...

Other milks e.g. almond or coconut (if soy-free),

Egg substitues (vegan option),

Oat or similar flours (higher fibre, maybe lower carbohydrate).

How many does this recipe make?

It made 14 pancakes each ~4 inches in diameter and ~0.75 cm thick.

How long did it take?

To add all ingredients and mix the batter ~2 minutes, to makes all 14 pancakes in a medium frying pan ~20 minutes.

What are the ingredients of this re-write?

1 & 1/4 cups of self-raising gluten free flour,

3 tsp gluten-free baking powder,

1/2 tsp table salt,

1 tbsp brown sugar,

1 & 1/2 cup sweetened soya milk,

1 egg.

(Plus ~2 tbsp vegetable oil to minimally coat the pan).

Specialist gluten free ingredients

What equipment did you use?

Gas hob,

Non-stick "copper stone" medium-sized frying pan,

Mug to hold oil,

Measuring cups and spoons,

(very old) Food processor/mixer,

Wooden slotted spatula,

Timer (I used my phone's),

Plate to put cooked pancakes on.

I bought some cheap measuring cups and spoons from my local supermarket a year ago and they have come in handy almost everyday and are definitely worth the fiver or less you pay for them.


¬Googling cup measurements into grams can give you hugely different results, 2 cups of flour can be completely different weights depending on which flour you use!

¬All pans and heating methods will vary the cooking method slightly, you can try adjusting your heat or if you don't have a non-stick pan you may need to use more oil to cook in.

¬Patience is a virtue when cooking these, use your timer and wait!

What's the recipe?

1) Heat pan over a medium-high heat, I put my dial at 1/2 of the maximum flame point, don't add oil.

2) Blend all ingredients in the food processor.

3) Add ~1 tsp of oil in the pan, leave for ~20 seconds, swill around pan then pour into the mug.

4) Turn down heat to medium-low, I put my dial at 1/4 of the maximum flame point.

5) 1st a.k.a the "test pancake":

Using the 1/4 cup measuring cup, scoop and slowly pour 3/4 of that cup into the middle of the pan.

You'll see lots of bubbles start to pop, wait till there hasn't been a bubble pop for ~ 10 seconds.

You will likely wait for ~ 1 minute, be patient!

Using the spatula, gently lift an edge of the pancake, if the colouring is golden brown (see image above) and it doesn't pour batter over the sides when lifted, flip it over with your spatula.

Immediately after flipping, set your timer for 1 minute 30 seconds and do not touch!

When you timer goes off, lift and check if your pancake can be flipped (is it as brown as the top?)

Flip your pancake and if it looks like the image then add to your plate.

Note: All pans and heating methods will vary the cooking method slightly, you can try adjusting your heat or if you have a non-stick pan you may need to use more oil to cook in.

If you don't need to adjust your heat or oil, do point 5 over and over till you've used all your batter. I found I could fit 2 pancakes into my medium sized frying pan, especially when pouring the batter slowly and by the edge of the pan on each side (see image).

Enjoy your fluffy, gluten and dairy free pancakes.

Suggested toppings:

¬Any berries and honey/maple syrup

¬Any fruit and natural yogurt

¬The British tradition of caster sugar and lemon juice